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Unique in its concept, in that we specialise in only managing residential properties.

Whilst many other agencies class property management as a secondary section of their business and regard your property as a potential listing and sale, we believe Property Management is a specialty field that deserves the recognition of an individual company. One Choice Realty is a progressive, specialised property management company, dedicated to maximising your return and optimising capital growth through innovative marketing techniques and the latest technologies.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Property Management is all we do
  • One Choice Realty covers the entire Gold Coast
  • The Licence & Principal of One Choice Realty is the Property Manager

We're Specialist Property Managers, Not Real Estate Agents

As a specialist manager, we believe we can provide a superior service to most traditional estate agents who focus on sales rather than property management. Notwithstanding this, our fees and charges are based on competitive market rates and are tax deductable.

We believe that the correct management of your property in ensuring longevity of tenants, regular rentals reviews and quality tenant selection will mean your management fees are well spent.